On a path of an adventurous journey attracted towards a hope. A hope to build more connection via not only communicating together, yet also via exchanging and sharing with eachother.
A healthy authentic connection between eachother is one of the most valuable things on the planet earth i trust in and everything else is an natural outcome.
Working as a communication and culture specialist at the moment, my main desire is to support and share values instead of only just information, so both sides can grow and succeed.The true human values are more and more fading away, not only from our businesses yet also our lives. This is exactly where my heart wants me to jump in and strive for a change out of the comfort zone.
Through my love to the dance, i travelled around internationaly in the last 20 years and recieved the chance to expand my knowledge, experience & wisdom. Now, it is more than just a passion which is already a part of me on my adventurous journey and i am looking positively forward to enrich and share it more and more.

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