45A few days ago I had a dinner with a CEO of a relatively big company, who was nervous and frustrated because of his leadership team underperforming on a critical company project.
"The managers of my team do not pay attention, come late to the meetings, not showing any enthusiasm and initiative", the CEO complained.
"How do you make sure they understand the importance and the impact of this project?", I asked.
"Oh, common, they are not children and they should know this without much of a talking. It is so disappointing they are so resistant and demoralised so these are the reasons we have no progress on that."
"No", I said, "these are outcomes."
It is the ultimate management responsibility to identify what's important and to put the right amount of focus on it. It is manager's role to raise the level of consciousness of what's the impact of the project; to define the scope of the personal accountability; to insist on results, reports, progress reviews; to celebrate the wins and reward outperformance. In case the man on the top does not manifest the critical priorities, he will not leave his team with the proper message nor will align his organisation with the right purpose.
"Attitude reflects leadership", said Hugh MacLeod, one of my favourite cartoonists and authors.
People notice what's in the spotlight. Their attention reflects your focus.
It is as simple as that.
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