02What are your goals as people managers? Maybe to increase revenue, to make sure your team hits the sales or performance targets, the successful completion of a project? Maybe Customer Satisfaction percentage?
And do you have a goal that tells you to make your team happy? 
Sounds silly right? "Happy" is not a business objective or a performance target. "Happy" doesn't seem to have a place in our professional lives full of excel, meetings, systems, phone calls, conference calls, project reviews, deadlines, problematic customers, issues, deliveries, and objectives. We talk about engagement, motivation, being proactive and self-starting - the right qualities for a business environment.
So maybe the answer lies within the employee satisfaction surveys? Let me ask you - Is satisfaction same as happiness? In English we say "Are you happy with that?" mostly meaning "Are you satisfied with that?". However, are you satisfied when your kid draws the "Mom, dad, me" picture and shows it to you or are you....happy?
If you ask me – happiness can be measured at the workplace by simply looking at the whole picture. Are you hitting your sales targets, is your office buzzzzing from the energy, generated by your employees, are your employees engaged, motivated, creative and proactive? Is your customer satisfaction peaking and are your performance metrics in great shape? If encountering a problem or a new challenge, do your employees give out their best to fix and overcome? Do you see that glint in their eyes that tells you that no matter what "victory" will be achieved? Do you receive positive comments and real constructive feedback on the employee satisfaction surveys? Are your customers WOW-ed by the experience your team leaves them with?
If the answer is yes – then you're dealing with happy people. People that you really enjoy working with, people that make you happy!
Do you see the benefit of having a personal goal of making your team happy? By targeting this single "metric" you will be able and empowered by your employees to achieve most if not all business objectives put down by your manager, while having a good time, having a sense of being part of something great, powerful and fantastic – your Team.
In the next days we will be covering the "HOW" in making employees happy and let me tell you – it is an exciting journey of transforming you and your Team into the most successful unit you've ever been a part of!
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