20More often than not high targets, green metrics and big numbers are achieved by powerful, motivated, larger-than-life managers forcefully instilling their vision, will and ambitions into the organizations they lead. These ones manage to meet the ends with extreme, top-down, pushy efforts, pressure and exhaustion draining the vivid energy out of their teams. And it works...for a while, and at a high price.
It is more than critical to have the personal drive to achieve. One of Goleman's 5 components of Emotional Intelligence is motivation – a passion to pursue goals with energy and persistence, for reasons that go beyond money or status.
But self-motivation just isn't enough.
Self-motivated leaders able to motivate others is an entirely different story. Because, in managing others, it is not about you anymore, but much more about them.
Them – to adopt your vision.
Them – to identify with your goals.
Them – to get inspired by your ambition.
Them – to trust your decisions.
If you are lucky enough you'll work with people who are intrinsically motivated by achieving something significant. But it is your job to get their motives aligned with the corporate goals and to make those goals so meaningful, attractive and desirable to ignite enthusiasm and aspiration. Some goals naturally convey this magnetism, others don't. But the very art of leadership is to get people full heartedly involved in accomplishing all of them.
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