23Coca Cola doesn't sell soft drinks. It sells happiness!
More often than not managers focus on goals, execution plans and implementation actions.
But people commit to causes not plans. To get real engagement you need to win their hearts.
Motivation is an internal emotional state of bonding with a unique, meaningful and reviving purpose that resonates with personal values and strives. No leader could impose motivation. Instead, the leader builds engagement around a compelling mutual cause, a reason for existence that is important enough for people to strive collectively to fulfil.
Patrick Lencioni offers a few questions that need to be answered to create clarity around organisational vision:
Why does the organisation exist, and what difference does it make in the world?
What behavioural values are irreplaceable and fundamental?
What business are we in, and against whom do we compete?
How does our approach differ from that of our competitors?
What are our goals this month, this quarter, this year, next year?
Those answers should become the focal point of your attention and your people management practices - your internal communication, the competency model, the performance metrics, recognition and promotion requirements. Identify the purpose and values and then focus on them. FOCUS, really! The result is an undeniable attentiveness and efficiency. When employees at all levels share a common understanding of where the company is headed, what success looks like, who their competitors are, and what needs to be achieved to claim victory, there is a remarkably low level of management effort needed.
Deceptively dangerous luxury is to consider that your company's brand name, perks and in-house gym promise motivation. You'll need more than that - a dream that sparks passion and enthusiasm strong enough to motivate people walk through walls of fire when needed.
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