29Last week I've shared with you why Trust brings real business value. I truly hope that it made sense and for those of you whom it actually did here are a few practical steps that can be taken in order to improve the trust levels in your team and organization.
Of course – this can't be a step by step guide. After all each organization and team are different, with their unique situations, culture, environment and challenges. Another thing you need to realize is that it takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day and Trust will not be either. It takes effort and a lot of work, consistency of messages, behavior and actions.
Sounds like a lot? Yes – it is! But at the end it all pays for itself.
· It all starts with you (as usual) - Trust works like a mirror – whatever you put in front of it, this is what will be reflected back. In other words – you need to extend your hand first and take a chance of showing trust. Sometimes it is you who's in the way.
· The common ground – if you have people around you with similar principles, points of view and morale – this is where you begin. There might be many different arguments, views and disagreements, but if the values are the same at the core, then chances are you will maintain a successful and lasting professional relationship.
· People that are different from you are not necessarily people that you wouldn't like. On the contrary – they possess qualities that you're probably lacking and vice versa. Try to complement the strength of your team with various personalities. You might be a quick, fast-paced and effective decision maker, but someone needs to go through all the data, have the interest to spend hours on end so that when your quick questions come, the answers will be there to feed your decisions.
· Commit and deliver – always deliver on your commitments and do not make personal promises that you cannot keep.
· Read one of my previous articles about the Ego.
· Make sure to showcase the success stories and benefits to your team. Not everyone will realize immediately the gain or how it was achieved and you need to help out! Violeta has written a great article about that.
Now tell us – what will you add to the list?
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