31In the last article from the series I promised to give you detailed information about what to eat and drink in order to manage stress. Well, there it is: eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, fish, maybe some dark chocolate and be careful with the caffeine intake - if you're interested, you can read a lot more here and here and here... and here.
But we don't want to waste your time with information that's already all around you....
Let's talk about something a lot more important!
There are hundreds of thousands of books and blogs and articles that give you useful tips on how to reduce your stress levels. Sounds logical, right? Yes, it is, however, as I mentioned earlier in the series, not all stress is bad – on the contrary, you absolutely NEED stress: it is the thing that keeps you from falling asleep at your desk, it is the thing that ensures your next accomplishment, it is one of your most powerful weapons in your path to success.
31 1We are all just so focused on one side of the coin that we tend to go too far or completely forget about the other. Please have in mind that stress management means increasing your stress levels when needed, as much as it means decreasing them before you burn out. Because there is this specific level of moderate stress - the golden middle - that boosts your productivity and turns you from zero to hero (or vice versa if you can't find your boundaries). And this level is unique for each person – some are very fragile, while some are like hunting dogs and need to smell adrenalin to fuel their personal energy tanks. It's one of our most important tasks to find the right level of stress to keep us at our peak.
And we often talk about the health hazards of prolonged stress but we rarely speak of the traps that low stress levels set for us. Always remember that extended periods of no stress at work might lead to the highly intensive stress factor of being fired! :)
So it's up to each and every one of us to find the golden middle ground and to enjoy first-class productivity in a calm and stable working mode.
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