33NFF definition: A situation where an originally reported mode of failure can't be duplicated by the evaluating technician and therefore the potential defect can't be fixed.
However this is not an engineering page and I'll use the No Fault Found term in a different way and relate the term to People Management. I'll use it in relation to that special type of employee that no matter what you do, how much time and effort in coaching, motivation and feedback you provide can't see the fault in them, but rather in the surrounding environment. That can mean their colleagues, processes, Customers and Clients and of course – you.
At a certain point of your efforts with an NFF employee you need to realize that you can't spend endless hours in turning this employee around. In order to change, a person needs to realize that there is something that needs to be changed as the fault is admitted which is not the case here.
What to do? Nothing out of the ordinary – be relentless in providing feedback, be firm, objective, strict and methodical. If releasing the employee is an option consider it strongly. If it is not, then continue your course until the employee understands that the environment will not be changed to suit their views and eventually seeks out a new career opportunity that they think will appreciate them more. After all in their own eyes, the NFFs are doing you a favor for working with you. They are perfect in everything and there is no employer that will not want them.
The best way of action is of course prevention. During the interview questions regarding how the candidate reacts to feedback, what are their weak sides, what was the last constructive feedback received and what the candidate did to improve will be very helpful in determining an NFF. Be mindful of the fact that usually these people are quite experienced in interviews (for obvious reasons) and they will know what answers to provide or what a story to tell you. If you feel that the answers are coming too quick, or they sound unconvincing probe more and more until you're sure.
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