34As Apple's stock reached a record high on Tuesday this week, edging past $100 a share, the stock market excitement around the Cupertino, California company was a fresh reminder about something intrinsic to the iconic tablet and smartphone manufacturer. What financial analysts emphasize is that the incremental growth doesn't explain the step-up in stock price. What consumers and investors are banking on is Apple's ability to innovate in new, potentially hot areas. It is not about their "now" but about their "future". Apple constantly proves to be a company with tremendous focus on producing consistent promise for the future and reinventing the "tomorrow", shaping inspiring and bold expectations of what is yet to come.
Steven J.T., CEO at Johns Hopkins Medicine International, says: "What's happening in my organization today isn't even really all that interesting to me. Hey, someone's on top on that. As the leader of this organization, it's not my job to deal with what's going on today. I really need to tune all that out, so I can focus on what might happen tomorrow. The bigger risk of my trying to deal with today's problems is that it would require my taking my eye off of what's coming down the road, which is where a leader really needs to focus."
It has been a journey of 25 years but it's a stone cold fact now that a new business reality has taken place rocking the boat of what's been seen as steady, orderly and safe. Low risk and high stability are fading memory. In a world of constant change, in the face of competition and technology we need a shift of mindset that leverages talent more than obedience, innovation more than what's been tried, and future more than the past. And the people who will really make a difference, are inconvenient provocateurs and revolutionists searching for new errand, new dynamics and new way of getting things done. And if you read this, then you are ready for this shift. As you know you are on to something important, challenging, inspiring and new.
You are ready to be not a map but a compass.
So, what is your promise for your future?
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