38If you have not seen this picture before, what do you see? Can you make sense of it?
If you're like me when I first saw it – then probably not...It was just some random blurred lines and noise...
Then I was told that there is a cow in there... I looked and looked and still didn't see it. So I was pointed out the features of the cow and finally it appeared in front of me.
For all those who still do not see – here are some pointers... I hope it has appeared in front of your eyes now.
Now...When you look at the picture – can you NOT see the cow?
This is how our brain works – once it has figured out a pattern, that pattern becomes imprinted and remains with us.
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What will happen if you show this picture to your team? I've done this and I can share the result:
A few people will see it in the first 30 seconds or so, the majority will not see anything until you point out the pattern, and few will not see it even after detailed explanations.
Same is with the vision you bring up in front of your team. Your first few followers will be on board shortly, the majority will come on board after you sit, explain in detail, and of course for some it will take much longer while a few will never "see".
As Leaders this is one of our main responsibilities – not only to create the vision, but to make sure everyone else sees it. Often this is the hardest part. One can have a great idea, but can fail to make others realize what it really is and what value it brings. If we don't do the effort people will see just some blurred lines and noise and will never look at it again. It will make no sense to them.
If we've managed to articulate well it all becomes easier. As we have learned with the picture above – once you see you cannot un-see.
At this stage just continue to fuel the enthusiasm in your colleagues, add colors and shapes to the picture and ask yourself and them the question "Do you see the cow?"
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