41Last week I've realized that our blog has been in existence for about half a year now, which is definitely not a lot, but for us – the people who write it these six months have definitely been a journey. As with everyone who is set out on a path, there are times when you think about the road behind and the road ahead. Since I was having a moment exactly like this, I've went back and read our articles and our messages and learnings that we have shared with you – our readers. It occurred to me that we might sound idealistic, saying how things should be in the ideal world and that some of you might not relate to a real business environment. In other words – some of you might not see the cow...
Let me tell you what we are – we are enthusiastic! Why? Because in the last years we have been practicing exactly what we are now preaching and it did work out so well, that the main drive behind creating this blog was to share our experiences and learnings with the world. We've been blessed to take part in an amazing transformation of an organization that is now peering with top organizations around the globe and has been recognized as such.
To mention just a few of our success stories:
· Decreased customer dissatisfaction to a fraction of what it was with a continuous down trend for months and months in a row
· Peaked customer satisfaction for the same period
· Brought a scary attrition percentage below the industry standard
· Destroyed internal silos that were killing productivity and results
· Converted a "no can do" organization into an agile, extremely flexible, creative and reliable one
· Became a trusted partner for our partnering organizations, thus gaining additional business and increasing our value
· Grew in terms of headcount year over year
· Realized savings in terms of cost of delivery due to employee engagement and empowerment to do what was once thought impossible
How we did it? Our blog tells our story and showcases our values and belief of how true Leadership, Knowledge and Passion can transform a group of approximately five hundred people in a relatively short period of time.
A time that I consider being one of the most interesting, exciting and enriching in the last ten years of my career!

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