43"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing", said Oscar Wilde. The price is a lot of effort and persistence and hard work. But if it's easy, then it isn't for you. As it takes certain amount of stretch, endeavor and willpower to expose yourself to experiences that enrich you.
The only thing more important than that is to expose yourself to good thinkers and exceptional professionals. John Maxwell wrote that it's hard to improve when you have no one but yourself to follow. You need to find models who are ahead of you to learn from - mentors with proven experience and wisdom, difference makers ready to share their knowledge and insights. Find a job or get involved in projects near them. They'll often be challenging and uncomfortable to work with, pushing you outside your comfort zone, but you'll learn from the best. They will sharpen your strengths and help you navigate through certain problem areas.
Stop looking for the next job proposition or promotion. Look for the right people whom to observe, follow, learn from..... Walking up the career ladder does not necessarily promise you bump into many of the kind. It is a matter of maturity and personal accountability to develop the sense and taste of choosing to spend time with those who excite you with their thinking and their deeds.
We all need people to help us think, shape, stretch, and land our ideas. Being around remarkable people makes us feel good, because their actions, attitude and achievements motivate and inspire...but most importantly it helps us grow.
Go out there and find yourself good company.
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